Bedroom Sexy Dancing Help

Dancing is a great way to get you and your partners libido going full swing. Dancing highlights the body’s movement and can create a sexual atmosphere. You also don’t need to be a professional dancer of have taken any classes to perform a sexy bedroom dance. Here are some quick tips you can incorporate in to your next bedroom tryst to increase the sexual energy.

Surprise Him

Wait until he’s in the shower or otherwise busy, and change in to some sexy clothing. Remember that the clothes are going to come off, so don’t wear anything with tons of buttons of closures. Believe it or not, a simple clean bathrobe or a button up shirt worn over your favorite bra and panty set can be very alluring. When he gets out of the shower, you’ll be there to surprise him.

Go Slowly

Have him sit down and tell him to just enjoy the show. Slowly start disrobing as you move your hips and legs in a seductive way. Try to think about how your body looks and reacts when you are having sex. You aren’t trying to copy this movement completely, but at least incorporate it in to your movements.

Include Him

Once you have worked for a few minutes, include him in the dance. If you still have your bra on, walk over to him and turn and bend so he can help with the closures. Bring your breasts close to his face while holding his hands and allow the bra to fall off on its own. These are the types of moves that are going to really ramp him up and increase his sexual desire for you.

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