Best Music for Listening whilst having Sex

Music can really help set a mood. If you turn your CD player on random you may end up with some music that isn’t going to help you at all in the bedroom. For a romantic evening, listening to hard rock can kill the mood. For a one night stand playing Chopin in the background can create too much of an air of romance. It’s not a bad idea to create a few playlists for your mp3 player or create your own CD mixes for different kinds of play.

Romantic Occasions

For romantic occasions it’s best to go with softer music. Classical music works best for this. Look for Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, and select pieces by Beethoven. You can actually find CD’s that are mixed specifically for more of a romantic feel. These pieces will have soft piano, flute, and harp. This allows you to focus on each other and not be overwhelmed by loud music.

Hook Ups

For a one night stand or a basic hook up you want to forget about the classical music. This may be a little creepy. You can choose to use seductive R&B music, like John Legend, Joe, Barry White, and others who have sexy, slow beats. If you aren’t in to R&B you can choose high energy dance mix music. Some types of rock will also work. Believe it or not, some Nine Inch Nails music is perfect for a hook up. Just choose music that isn’t going to make you lose your focus and helps you get in to the rhythm for sex.

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