Sexy Dancing Advice for Guys

When it comes to sexy dancing advice for guys there are a few different things that you can learn. You will find that as a guy that is having sexy women dance on him or near him he will need to follow a few rules to make the dancing more enjoyable for both him and the women that is dancing for him.

Hands Off

It is very important that you only touch when you are asked to touch. Touching a woman whenever you should not is something that is going to end the dancing very quickly and more than likely get you thrown out of the establishment. Make sure that you are always keeping your hands to yourself unless you are invited to touch. Even when you are allowed to touch make sure that you only touch what you are supposed to.

Pay Up

The more that you pay the better the dance will be. This is something that you will quickly learn. The more money that you are willing to give the dancer the better of a dance and the more intimate of one you can expect to get. If you are not willing to give her a lot of money for what she is doing you will only end up moving onto another person that is willing to pay more.

Know when enough is enough

It is important to know when you have had enough. If things begin to get too hot and heavy you may need for her to let you cool down for a few minutes.

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